One of the statutory aims of the German Sepsis Society is to support sepsis researchers. Please find below more information about some sepsis trials groups and our research awards.

SepNet trials group

The SepNet trials group unites clinical and experimental researchers of different disciplines to compensate deficits in sepsis diagnosis and therapy. Therefore we try to recruit acceptably large numbers of patients in multicenter studies for the examination of clinical questions. With our central facilities for coordination, data management and biobanking we guarantee to create independent and high-quality studies of international standards.

Clinical Septomics

The center for innovation competence SEPTOMICS helps to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. The Clinical Research Group (RG) provides a framework for the clinical expertise and helps to speed up the development of new products (“from bench to bedside”).

Center for Sepsis Control and Care

The integrated research and treatment center for sepsis promotes a variety of studies to improve prevention, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of sepsis patients.