Paul Martini Clinical Sepsis Research Unit


The establishment of the Paul Martini Research Unit Clinical Septomics (duration: 03.03.2009 - 27.02.2014) sponsored by the Thuringian Ministry of Culture completed the BMBF-funded Center for Innovation Competence Septomics (duration: from 2009 to 2014). It helps to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic tools. The Paul Martini Research Group Clinical Septomics is therefore an important link between the two other SEPTOMICS research groups, which mainly focus on laboratory based research i.e. the dynamics of the fungal pathogen Candida albicans and the dynamics of host-pathogen interactions in sepsis.


The main tasks of the Clinical Septomics are:

  • Collection and utilization of patients samples for cellular or microbiological tests considered to be important in septomics research questions
  • Review of research findings on its potential clinical benefit
  • Contribution to the development of a genetically based risk scores
  • Training of clinical trial staff

Further Information are also available in German